Laura Dennehy | The Explorer

Laura Dennehy
The Explorer
07506 696822

“The world is a big, beautiful place. Travel is my biggest passion and my goal is to see as much of the world as I possibly can whilst also encouraging others to do the same.”

Laura’s Highlights

Specialist Area Supporters Tours

Favourite Drink Strawberry Daiquiri

Wanderlust Location Philippines

Laura ‘The Explorer’ is another one of our Welsh contingent and is as passionate about travel as she is about her beloved homeland. She is one of our lead ‘Operators’ in the business and is our expert when it comes to ensuring everything is in place for the perfect trip prior to your departure.

Laura also specialises in our MSG Supporters’ Tours as an avid fan herself. Managing our Supporters’ Tours, she has been to Argentina, Ireland, Italy and Japan. She goes against the grain when it comes to hot drinks and opts for milky tea with sweeteners but is also partial to the odd brunch in the Welsh Capital. South East Asia is her default go to for a bit of backpacking, but there’s so many countries she still yearns to visit. Philippines is top of the bucket list at the moment but having lived in Sydney for a year she has a place in her heart for this amazing city. Roedden hi’n yr unig berson yn y swyddfa Cymraeg i bod rhugl yn Cymraeg. Mae Caryn yn rhugl hefyd a mae Matt yn gwybod tipyn bach.