Yorkshire Terriers 24-day rugby tour with MSG

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Yorkshire Terriers 24-Day Rugby Tour

The Yorkshire Terriers RUFC – comprised of 46 players and support staff – will embark on a 24-day rugby tour with MSG. The Yorkshire Terriers tour commences in Sydney, followed by stays in Auckland and Wellington. Here, after 5v games, they will end their momentous trip.

The Yorkshire Terriers RUFC was founded in 1999 with the prime objective of encouraging youth rugby in the county. It was formed with the overarching aim of giving youngsters the opportunity to tour foreign lands and display their talent while learning from their Southern Hemisphere friends.

This 24-day rugby tour presents a unique opportunity for some of the finest young rugby players in Yorkshire to match themselves with their counterparts ‘down under’. We are proud to be providing the club with such an experience.

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Mark Gardner, Director of MSG Tours said:

‘We’re delighted that the Yorkshire Terriers have selected us to manage their 10th successive biennial pilgrimage. This 24-day rugby tour is extremely important to the players’ development and it’s a testament to our credibility as tour operators to piece this trip together. We have spent 15 months perfecting their tour and have thrown in a few surprises along the way to keep the players focused. The trip represents a distinct challenge for each individual squad member and backroom team.

Crafting a 24-day rugby tour itinerary

MSG have taken care to put together a fitting itinerary. This rugby tour incorporates an array of high-standard fixtures that will match their skills, fitness levels, and commitment. Not to mention the temperament required to go up against those who have prospered in such different societies and cultures.

Terriers coaches will judge the experience not only by the results on the field, but by the lasting friendships and memories that will remain with everyone after their return.

MSG would like to wish the team well in their pre-tour preparations under Coach, John Cole. We look forward to assisting them on this once-in-a-lifetime rugby tour that will be equally challenging and educational.

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