World Environment Day | South Africa 2021

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Respecting the planet in South Africa 2021 Lions Tour World Environment Day

Respecting the planet in South Africa 2021

On World Environment Day

On the United Nations’ World Environment Day, we wanted to share with you how we’ll be doing our bit on our Supporters’ Tour to South Africa 2021.

As tour operators, we can still do our bit to help the environment. So in South Africa, as well as our One Million Rand charity mission, we have taken steps to reduce waste and emissions where we can.

Being green in South Africa 2021 on the Lions Tour World Environment Day

What steps have we taken?

World Environment Day gives us a great opportunity to let you know how we are doing our bit.

With our average tour length spanning 18 days, it’s frightening to think of the carbon footprint created throughout our Supporters’ schedules. 

There are many things out of our control, such as airline emissions, but we CAN make a difference whilst helping the South African economy.  Here’s how: 

  1. NO SINGLE-USE PLASTIC!  Touring is thirsty work and rehydrating with the clear stuff is paramount.  All our Lions clients will be provided with recyclable cardboard water boxes when in transit and given sturdy, embossed water bottles to see you through to the finish.  Water only, please! 
  2. Coffee lover?  Fear not, the South Africans are true to their word when it comes to the roasting of beans.  Takeaway cups will be prohibited on our vehicles; take, instead, your MSG coffee mug for top ups and feel even better about that next sip.   
  3. 50% of tour clothing is ethically sourced in South Africa, creating jobs and supporting the textiles industry in the areas we’ll be visiting.   
  4. The excellent GauTrain between O.R Tambo Airport in Johannesburg is swift, safe and operating on schedule every 15 minutes.  No exhaust fumes and lengthy traffic jams on buses when transiting to Sandton, Centurion or Pretoria.  Travel in style whilst doing your bit for Mother Nature. 
  5. Our events use locally sourced produce that hasn’t, wherever possible, faced lengthy imports via transportation.  The exception here is our GOLD Restaurant themed evening in Cape Town that includes foods sourced across Africa, all of which are farmed ethically. 

Mark Gardner, Managing Director said: “Tour operators rely on flights and travel for business which contributes to our overall carbon footprint. But this doesn’t mean we should ignore everything else. We can still do our bit. As a business, we want to reduce our waste and emissions where we can and this will be no different in South Africa in 2021. While being green on our Supporters’ Tours, we can also help give back to the economies in South Africa and Eswatini when sourcing locally”

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