Where will your next school study trip take you?

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Take your students on a school study trip and learn something new, someplace you never imagined with MSG

From city breaks to worldwide travel, there are many ways for students to learn outside the classroom. At MSG, we share the same vision as passionate teachers who want to give their students the best experiences. That’s why our focus is on delivering memorable, real-world study experiences that go far beyond the classroom. We make the world your classroom.

It all begins with a simple question: What do you want your students to experience?

It’s a question we’ve asked schools and colleges throughout the years, and we’re always overjoyed to receive a different response. Most importantly, it’s given us the freedom to continuously deliver the perfect study trip for our customers.

Above: Daya co-ordinating one of our school study trips in Paris, France

Live, love, learn

We love nothing more than discovering a new and exciting vision that teachers want to share with their students. First of all, it helps us get under the skin of what passionate teachers want their students to experience. Secondly, we love an adventure!

Most all, we want students to be inspired while learning. So, whether that means customising a current itinerary or building one from scratch, we deliver a bespoke experience. As a result, our students and teachers are assured a unique and enlightening school study trip.

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The world is your classroom

Finally, we want students to get the most out of the subjects they are most passionate about. Therefore, we craft experiences that are unique, whilst benefitting students in their studies. Where will your next study trip take you and your students? There are no limitations when you think outside the classroom…

Food Technology in Japan

What better place for students to master the art of cooking than one of the cuisine capitals of the world? Home to many of the greatest Michelin-starred chefs, Japan is the perfect location for exploring new recipes, while enjoying one of the most beautiful, most fascinating destinations on the planet. Now there’s food for thought…

History in Italy

Rome wasn’t built in a day, oh no, it has a long and fascinating history, much like the rest of Italy itself! It’s also the land of Renaissance art and iconic architecture, with a rich and vibrant culture that is all its own. We couldn’t imagine a more incredible learning experience for students and teachers looking to bring history to life.

Geography in Peru

Peru is the perfect destination for a school expedition. In fact, it’s an absolute ‘must’ for adventurous groups seeking stunning geography and wildlife.

We love planning tours with passionate teachers, so get in touch and let’s talk about your next big adventure