Why I love Japan

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Why I love Japan

Undoubtedly, Japan is the most intriguing and stimulating place I have ever been to. Whether it being at the top of the ‘Sky Tree’, meditating in a Buddhist Temple, in a Bamboo Forest or eating ‘black eggs’ at the foot Mt. Fuji, Japan is both captivating and exhilarating. It is a country that whilst so diverse in culture and traditional values, it is still so advanced in technology. It offers more than you can possibly imagine and is immediately endearing.

Japan Mt Fuji

Unforgettable Experiences

Until you have been there it is hard to describe what a phenomenal place it is. I can testify to the fact that it was a destination I was never interested in, but now wish I could return over and over again. Spending two weeks in a Japanese school in the heart of Tokyo’s infamous Roppongi region was 14 days I will never forget. In just 24 hours we could experience an unimaginable journey taking us from the tranquillity of the old business district (Ginza) to the beauty of the Asakusa Temple, before ending up at the madness of the Shibuya Crossing, joined by with what felt like half the world.

The Weird and the Wonderful

Japanese people are amazing, both generous in spirit and in practice and are rightly passionate and proud of their extraordinary land. Yes, there is a language barrier but this should never deter anyone from going and is nothing to be fearful of. If you like food, then Japan is like nowhere else, the sushi is phenomenal and the tempura even better. You can eat the weird and the wonderful.

Japan, Children Japan

Japan is full of unique and unforgettable experiences. Witnessing a school sports day at a school with over a 1000 pupils epitomised this. I saw every child march into the playground with military precision and discipline. Prior to participating in the most extraordinary activities like racing their teachers to knock down what can only be described as a ‘pinata’ the size of a mammoth. It was a sight to behold and one that will live with me forever. I have more memories of Japan than any other place I have been on the planet. I would highly recommend it to anyone as a place that you simply HAVE to visit once in a lifetime.

A country steeped in history and tradition and yet so forward thinking and creative – what is there not to love?

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