West Ham United Ladies Foundation U16 FC partner with MSG Tours

Mark GardnerFootball, Football tours, Greece

MSG Tours announce an exciting partnership with West Ham United Ladies Foundation U16 FC for their 2017 football development tour to Greece

Over five days the coaching staff will prepare the players for two matches against high-level opposition, training daily in Loutraki’s Sportcamp.  Accommodated also at this complex, players will have at their disposal on-site 4G pitches, swimming pools and prehab/rehab facilities.

West Ham United Ladies Foundation’s coaches will share best practice with Greek giants FC Olympiacos, whose staff will be making guest coaching appearances for the U16’s during the week.  Visits to iconic Greek sporting facilities also form part of the itinerary, including the Panathenaic Stadium, 2004 Olympic heritage sites and the world-famous Acropolis.

Head Coach Jason Stephens is excited about the opportunity. “We didn’t want a standard football tour, we needed one that consisted of quality training facilities, opposition that would challenge us and an experience that included coaching sessions from top professional teams. We did our research and the only company that could match our requirements was MSG.  Our season has not started but already the tour has provided a focal point.”

MSG director, Glenn Martin, consulted with West Ham United Ladies Foundation’s coaches during the tender process.  “We’re delighted to be given the opportunity to work with such a prestigious football club with its rich traditions and community emphasis.  As a business we listen to what’s important to our travelling clients before making any recommendations on destinations.  Both Jason and Stephen (Kelly) were clear on their intent for footballing excellence being paramount to their match day experience.  The ability to prepare as professionals – with all facilities to hand on-site – in a warm weather climate gave Greece’s Sportcamp complex a unique advantage over other destinations and training centres.  Incorporating FC Olympiacos’s coaching into a programme featuring competitive opposition offers a desirable and aspirational itinerary for the players.”

Further details will follow on our social media pages as we prepare the squad for their football tour to Greece.