How do we take our coffee you ask? Seriously…very seriously.

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Coffee is a commonly consumed beverage in the workplace and has certainly become an integral part of the MSG Tours work culture. It gives us that extra push to increase our productivity and spark our creativity.

Here at MSG we offer exciting and unexpected elements to typical tour itineraries. Just as we aim to wow our customers with our fresh new ideas, we like experiencing new ingredients and flavours and expanding our horizons beyond the brands of the supermarket shelf.

We dare to be different. We try coffee beans from around the world, from booming businesses in New Zealand to tiny plantations in Kenya. When we go on inspection tours we don’t bring back duty-free chocolate for our colleagues, we bring back coffee.

With this in mind, the MSG team have decided to sample a new coffee brand each month and report our reviews on our website to ‘espresso’ our like/dislike for the drink in question.

First of all, however, the fussy preferences of our team need to be disclosed to show how our tastes differ and how this could reflect our reviews.

Glenn: black, strong, no sugar.
Favourite brand: Alcata’s Italian Blend

Mark: black and full bodied, no sugar.
Favourite brand: Dr Mojo’s Feel Good, Wellington (NZ)

Katie: milky with Monin chocolate cookie syrup.
Favourite brand: Go Brazil’s Santana

Tom: white, medium bean.                                                                                                                                                       Favourite brand: Java Santos

Watch this space for our first ‘Coffee of the Month’ review being published next week – let’s find out how the different brands will help us to deliver the unexpected. For further updates and to find out more about our brand, our team and our company values follow us on instagram.


We take our #coffee as seriously as our tour planning here at @msgtours.

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