It’s time to talk Bear coffee

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After being caught up in the whirlwind of moving offices, the assembling of furniture which comes with it and introducing new staff into the business, it’s been a while since we spoke coffee. As we aren’t one to disappoint, we thought we’d make this month’s blog post the best yet in the hope that we would be forgiven.

Discovered by none other than ‘The Explorer’ herself, Chelsey, this month we are talking about the Bear Coffee Company’s Ethiopian Yirgacheffe blend. A 500g bag of this fruity blend will set you back £7.50, but trust us insofar as the moment it’s carefully packed into a brown bag, sealed with hair straighteners (yes, there’s no typo here) and hand stamped with the Bear logo, to the moment it’s digested, it’s worth it.

Just down the road from us in Uttoxeter, the Bear Coffee Company oozes passion, knowledge and style in its mission to provide better tasting coffee with attention to detail. Before sold in store, Bear consider the journey each induvial coffee bean has taken from its growth, harvest and trade to its roasting, grinding and preparation.

What’s more, we love the fact that every coffee bean can be traced right back to the originating farm supporting the economic growth and sustainability of multiple communities. Bear’s eco-friendly products, mirroring our eco-friendly office here at MSG, is the icing on the cake for us.

With the ratio of coffee to tea drinkers shifting slightly since the arrival of our three-new staff, it was left to the Barista himself, Mark, to give his verdict on this Ethiopian blend.

Mark’s verdict: “A distinct east African taste jumped out at the first sip of this exciting blend.  It took a little getting used to due to a slightly bitter flavour although the quality stood out throughout the whole cafetiere.”

Our office expansion got us thinking about how we can turn our lonely looking walls into interior which will reflect our personalities and it didn’t take long before we came up with the ‘coffee wall of fame’. The idea is to compress each empty bag of coffee we get through (it’s quite a lot) into a frame which can be mounted onto the wall to mark our own coffee journey. Now how’s that for genius?

With the arrival of a new seasonal blend at Bear, it’s only a matter of time before our senses are reignited and another perfectly presented bag makes it to our ‘wall of coffee fame’. We can’t wait to get started with it. Watch this space!