Tour Announcement: The Hall School book a study trip to Israel

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View of Jerusalem

We caught up with The Hall School’s Head of Theology, Philosophy and Religion (R.) as she settles back into term in 2020 and looks ahead to their incredible Israel tour in May of this year.

The tour itself was a labour of love between R. and MSG Tours as they worked tirelessly together to create a really unique student experience.

R.’s enthusiasm is unmistakable as she looks at why a tour to Israel was so high on her agenda.

“It’s a place that genuinely can deepen a student’s understanding of the world. Not only has it got so much history, it’s also geographically an interesting place. It has so much religion and politics to be learned and studied; to look at religious studies and not refer to Israel is impossible. It therefore gives the students a chance to see something that’s relatively not that far away yet so different to the life they see in the UK, helping them to become better global citizens.”

And with the political agenda making its way more and more into the mainstream, Israel as a case study may be more relevant than ever.

“I genuinely believe, given the context of what’s happening at the moment with religion and politics, it’s all the more reason to allow the younger generations the opportunity to overcome stereotypes, learn for themselves and increase their level of understanding of what is happening, and why it’s happening, in the world around them.”

MSG Tours has always prided itself on disrupting the market and looking to provide the kind of trips that no one else can. When R. approached our very own Mike Hendey about the possibility, the pair put a plan in motion to develop the trip and make it a reality. The itinerary is completely bespoke and centred around the school’s educational needs and priorities.

“MSG Tours were instrumental in the entire process,” continued R. “They helped to liaise with local suppliers and helped me to get out there for a ‘recce’’ myself to meet tour guides and to ensure that we covered everything to look for all possible outcomes, including the wellbeing of the pupils and their safety.”

So with the plans now set and the trip moving ever closer, we were keen to hear what R. was looking forward to most…

“I’m looking forward to the students learning more about the ethnic minority groups that exist in Israel. I think for quite a lot of them they may, or may not, know anything beyond the main, monotheistic groups there like Christians, Muslims, Jews. So instead to learn about the ethnic minority groups would be an incredible experience for them. Our trip’s theme is around a sense of belonging and how so many different people can belong to one amazing place”

You can see more information on our Israel Study product by clicking here and we’ll be sure to follow up with R. and The Hall School later in the year…