One Million Rand – South Africa 2021

That’s a BIG title. A title that inspires and motivates us to make a difference to South Africans to the tune of One Million Rand. 

Our style is unapologetic. We have selected five incredible local charities to support in Soweto, Cape Town and Johannesburg – venues for each of the three Tests – Durban and Eswatini

Through extensive fundraising campaigns, community engagements and on-tour events, the MSG family will leave a legacy across our sustainable journey, changing the lives and opportunities for The Rainbow Nation’s next generation. 

We are offering fans the opportunity to travel on a truly unique experience that discovers the very best of South Africa and beyond.

Our affordable and detailed tours both excite and inspire, presenting opportunities for YOU to spend time with our charity projects and make a physical contribution and difference. 

Join us on our journey to deliver the unexpected and inspire the next Siya Kolisi. 

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How have we raised the money so far?

MSG Tours board donation – £10,000
Clients paying by Bank Transfer – £1,422 (would be card fees)
MSG Lekker Lounge Episode 2 – £154
Andrew King @ MM360 – £5,000

Where will the One Million Rand go?

Our tour mission is to raise ONE MILLION RAND to split evenly between five of our selected charities. Find out more about them below.

The Beast Foundation

Our most recent charity partnership for South Africa 2021 is with the Rugby World Cup winning Springbok prop, Tendai Mtawarira and his charity, The Beast Foundation.

Through The Beast Foundation, Tendai wants to forge a future for the youth of South Africa – developing their skills and educating them through sport.

Their mission and slogan is to Inspire, Unite and Build.

Inspire: Inspire young people to realize their potential and take their place as future leaders
Unite: Use sport to bring people together to address social and educational issues
Build: Build relationships and communities through sport and education

Tendai Mtawarira Beast Foundation Lions 2021 South Africa One Million Rand


PinkDrive NPC was founded in 2009 by Ms. Noelene Kotschan, on the premise that ‘Early detection will help prolong a life’, contributing meaningfully towards preventing as many people as it can, from succumbing to breast, cervical, prostate and testicular cancer. Its primary focus is on citizens without access to reasonable care for these conditions, and who reside in areas where health services do not reach. 

The vision of PinkDrive is to be the leading non-governmental organisation dedicated to creating and promoting awareness about cancer in South Africa, and potentially beyond.  

They promoting the early detection of, and screening for gender-related cancers in the general population of South Africa, using the message “Early detection will help to prolong life.” 

Just like the game of rugby, PinkDrive’s values are:

Integrity | Accountability | Discipline | Passionate Giving | Teamwork | Open Minded. 

OUR tour mission is to raise ONE MILLION RAND. Of which, ZAR250,000 (£14,000) will be given to help this amazing charity identify cancer at the earliest possible stages.  Help us make that difference on your tour. 

PinkDrive | Lions 2021


Based in Eswatini (formerly Swaziland), SKRUM uses the game of rugby to engage children. At the same time, they educate participants about HIV/AIDS, inspiring better leadership in communities, raising awareness of gender violence and promoting the benefits of school and education through rugby’s core values:


SKRUM was founded by Michael Collinson in 2008 to offer hope to the youth of EswatiniSince inception, the charity has visited 650 of the 817 schools in Eswatini and each year reaches 12,000 young people through school and community sessions.  

MSG Founder and managing director, Mark Gardner is excited about the partnership“Having visited Michael in Eswatini to learn first hand of the country’s socio-economic problems, it’s incredible to hear how these challenges are being overcome through the medium of rugby. 

“It’s a pleasure to be supporting tourism to Eswatini that helps raise funds for the hard work and dedication of all associated with the SKRUM charity.  We’re delighted to partner with Skrum as part of our ONE MILLION RAND mission.”

SKRUM | Lions 2021

Little Rose Centre

The Little Rose Centre accommodates 140 children in Kliptown, which is one of the poorest areas of Soweto. 18 of the children are actually sheltered at the centre while they also provide educational classes, after school programs and meals.

Their mission and vision develops with the needs of the Kliptown Community. At the forefront of their vision are the children. Through their educational programmes, they strive to create role models for their community, promoting opportunities and a perspective in life.

The centre also provides a shelter for orphaned children and those who are vulnerable, giving them a ‘home.’

Little Rose Centre | Lions 2021

GoodSport Trust

The vision of The GoodSport Trust is to provide a national framework for physical education and sport to all South Africans, regardless of wealth or background. This is to help provide the opportunity to excel, grow, advance and compete.

GoodSport Trust in Cape Town is built on four pillars: A high standard of physical education, coaching development, infrastructure development and facilities development.

After PE was removed from government schools in South Africa in 1994, it returned to the curriculum in 2012. It acknowledged that sport instils positive values such as commitment, respect, discipline and team-work, and increases self confidence and self-esteem, and decreases anxiety & depression.

Good Sport Trust | Lions 2021

Royal British Legion

Our partners, the ‘Lions In Pink’ are ex-servicemen in the British Army who have a passion for rugby and touring.

As the Royal British Legion are a charity these fine gentlemen are passionate about, we are making an easy exception to our South Africa-only ONE MILLION RAND project. Including ‘The Legion’ as our only British charity allows us to thank people like the ‘Lions In Pink’ and help others who have served our country.

The Royal British Legion provide lifelong help and support to service personnel, serving and ex-serving, and their families. Whatever the reason, they help; providing guidance and advice, assisting with recovery and rehabilitation, and helping with the transition into normal civilian life.

Lions In Pink Royal British Legion One Million Rand Lions South Africa 2021

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