Join MSG on our 2019 Japan Rugby Tours

Join us on our Japan tour in September 2019

First of all, let’s cast our minds back to 2009 when the bid to host the 2019 RWC occurred. Three talented and passionate rugby fanatical countries – Italy, Japan and South Africa – submitted their proposals. The sport’s then governing body (IRB, latterly changing to World Rugby) voted 16-10 in favour of Japan. Consequently, the journey and excitement have begun in a significant two-year period for the Olympic Games hosts-in-waiting.

Our Japan rugby tour packages commence Friday 20th September and conclude after the quarter-finals, covering predominantly the group games for the home nations.  There will be several options to personalise your supporters’ experience, including relaxing visits to Okinawa, day trips to Hiroshima, staying in Ryokan-style accommodation and simply taking in as much of this beautiful country’s landscape between your team’s fixtures.

We’re also excited to announce a travel partnership with our friends at Lions in Pink Tours for ex-servicemen and women who are looking to follow their team in Japan.  This unique tour, couriered by ex-British Army personnel, takes in Tokyo, Hakone, Kyoto, Osaka, Hiroshima and Oita during 10-22 October 2019 with flight-inclusive travel packages from £4298.00.  Click here to read more about this tour.

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A trip of a lifetime

Japan is a country like no other. In the morning you could be sitting in a hot spring on the mountain, and a short train ride later you could be staring at the bright lights of Tokyo city. There is something for everyone in this playground of nature and technology. Whilst you follow the journey of your supporting nation through Japan, you will be shown the most fantastic and inspiring parts of this volcanic beauty.

This incredible tournament will see the best international rugby teams compete on the world’s stage.  Among those participating include South Africa, England, Wales, Australia, and New Zealand, to name a few. Combine this action with the unique setting of Japan, and you have the makings of a truly spectacular trip.

Co-ordinators have organised a well thought out schedule across three of Japan’s four main islands. Games will span the beautiful islands of Hokkaido, Honshu, and Kyushu. As a result, local supporters will be able to view games within two hours of their accommodation whilst travelling supporters will gain access to the most beautiful areas of this fascinating country.

Please note that MSG Tours Ltd is not an official Rugby World Cup Official Agent and thus no tickets are included in our tours.  Instead, our affordable guided tours will focus on showing you the very best of Japan’s hosting cities, taking you up close and personal to the action.

Venues and hosting cities

A total of 12 different venues throughout Japan will host the tournament fixtures.  When it comes to travelling between Japan’s hosting cities, we can’t imagine a more fitting way to get around than via ‘Shinkansen’.  Japan Rail gives touring supporters the chance to visit locations at record-breaking speeds on their bullet trains (Shinkansen). This impressive transport system is famous for its efficiency, avoiding the hustle and bustle associated with most worldwide stations.

What to do in Japan?

In between matches we recommend the following landmarks and activities:

  • Travel on board the Shinkansen (bullet train)
  • Sushi making classes
  • Learn the ancient Taiko drumming techniques in historical Kyoto
  • Experience breathtaking views of Mount Fuji
  • Take a trip to Tokyo’s Skytree Tower
  • Sample Tokyo’s great street food
  • Take in the bright lights of the Tokyo harbour on a dinner cruise
  • Watch a traditional Sumo wrestling practice session
  • Bar hop in Golden Gai (a network of 6 narrow alleys, jam-packed with over 200 miniature bars, that seat between 8-12 people)
  • Discover the unique Tsukiji Fish Market

  • Enjoy an evening of Sushi making and Sake
  • Visit the Toyota Museum, where you can get in the vehicles and they demonstrate the latest in their motoring technology
  • Visit the city’s free craft museum showcasing some of Japan’s finest craft work. Here you can try your hand at creating your own masterpiece and sample a traditional matcha tea.

  • Visit Kumamoto Castle which is one of Japan’s largest & most complete
  • Explore Suizenji Jojuen Park
  • Tsujunkyo Bridge
  • Mount Aso and Komezuka (Rice Hill)
  • Enjoy a traditional ‘onsen’ experience
  • Celebrate the RWC in the city’s Fanzone

    • Enjoy a Craft Beer Tour


  • Visit the Fujiko Museum (home of the famous character, Doraemon)



  • Thrill seek at Yomiuri Land



  • Dine and sightsee at the Cupnoodles Museum



  • Snap away at the Japan Open-Air Folk House Museum






    • Visit the shopping district of Shinkyogoku, selling everything from clothes to speciality foods, as well as hosting the market known as Kyoto’s Kitchen


  • Visit the iconic Buddhist Temple: Kiyomizu-dera



  • Visit the Toei Kyoto Studio Park, where more than 200 films are shot per year



  • Learn about the Edo period at Niji-Jo castle or visit the imperial temple



  • Visit Downtown Kyoto which is a great place to explore with bars, Manga museums & daily



  • Take part in Taiko, traditional Japanese drumming










  • Visit one of Oita’s many hot springs known as Onsen
  • Visit Funai Castle
  • Experience a sand bath
  • Tour Hoashi Honke Sake Brewery
  • Sightsee around Ueno Cemetary Park
  • Explore Beppu’s ‘Hell Tour’

  • Visit Hiroshima’s Peace Memorial
  • Experience the Atomic Bomb Dome
  • Journey to the Mazda Museum
  • Explore Miyajima Island
  • Take in Hiroshima Castle
  • Shop in the city’s many underground arcades

For more ideas and suggestions for what to do on your Japan travels, take a look at the official ‘Visit Japan’ site.


The thought of travelling to a destination like Japan may seem a bit daunting for some, we aim to “Dispel the myth” by answering some of the concerns you may have in the hope of getting you as excited as we are about this amazing country.

Actually, depending on the economy, Japan is less expensive than England, Switzerland, Norway, Singapore & Australia
English education is taught in Japan, so there is a good level of English spoken in the cities. Where required we will have English speaking guides to help you around, but it is always great to have some Japanese vocabulary in your repertoire for when you want to show off!
Japanese etiquette can be confusing. Japanese people don’t expect foreign visitors to master all elements of etiquette. Be polite, courteous and respectful, and any mistakes will be laughed off.
Not at all!  First off, it’s our job to whisk you around the country and reduce any fears on commuting.  Secondly, Japan’s transportation system is world-class, efficient and – most of all – an enjoyable experience.


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