Food Technology Trips are the perfect way for students to get a real taste of the curriculum and enhance their learning in a fun, enlightening and inspirational setting. Away from the confines of the classroom, where the world’s most classic cooking techniques were honed, is the only way to truly understand the intricacies and magic of food.

Our base of operations in the Basque Country gives visiting groups a unique opportunity to spend time in two of Europe’s culinary capitals. Explore the French food markets in Biarritz, located just on the Bay of Biscay, brimming with stalls and fresh ingredients for students to incorporate into their cooking classes. Then there’s Paris, home of haute cuisine and one of the world’s most prolific countries for Michelin starred restaurants.

Meanwhile, Spain offers a veritable tapas of destination renowned for their excellence in traditional Spanish dishes that have influenced styles of cooking the world-over. Barcelona’s Torras Chocolate factory provides an insightful look at food production, finance, and organisation on a global scale, while Valencia gives students the chance to tackle some of the regions most famed traditional dishes and improve their confidence and skill sets.

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