Enrichment Study trip to France

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Language practise

Cultural immersion

Global awareness

Developing culinary skills

International business

Why France?

Not only are languages compulsory in school curriculums, but French is one of the most popular languages chosen and spoken by many. The city of Toulouse is typically French, with numerous cultural activities that are ideal for French students looking to enhance their knowledge and skills. The idea of this enrichment study trip to France is to academically enrich pupils not just in their language skills, but develop their global awareness acumen and immerse them in a different culture.  Consequently, this is the ideal trip for any academic scholars who want to develop their skills to the next level post exams.

Un grand chateau!

This enrichment project has been developed in France by Peter Norton and his wife Susan, who were previously language teachers with our very own ‘Educator,’ Patrick Foster at two of the country’s leading independent schools. As a former Head of Classics at the Dragon School, Oxford, Peter understands the students’ needs, developing their skills not just in French but also Greek and Latin. They want to welcome 10 students around the age of 12-13 to their home, before they begin their new adventures at Senior School, for a week of learning about French culture, practicing language skills and having some well-deserved time away after a busy year and testing exams.

What to do on an enrichment study trip to France?

There are several activities for students to explore in Toulouse. Here we have just a few excursions we can include in a bespoke itinerary and tailor-made itinerary for a group of this kind.

Toulouse, the home of Airbus, is the centre of the French aerospace industry. With its unique collection, Aeroscopia is the home of a rich local aviation heritage. Beyond the preservation and promotion of legendary aircraft, Aeroscopia’s mission is to pass on a culture of aviation, transmit knowledge and create an attractive and educational place to encourage scientific and technical careers. The museum consists of a giant building which houses a Concorde, a SuperGuppy, and many other historical aircraft (you can walk inside them).



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Eco-museum, archaeological park and cultural park, the Gallic Village at Rieux-Volvestre is well worth the visit. It is a reconstructed Gallic village from the first century BC and is home to a wide range of craftsmen and women – you can watch blacksmiths, jewellers and leather workers as they work, in the authentic styles (and costumes) of the period.
At TEPACAP, you will have the chance to walk through a forest – but on walkways suspended high in the air. After a debrief and safety equipment distribution, students can explore the French countryside from a new perspective.
Watch a local chocolatier and patissier make chocolate and perhaps make a few yourselves! Learn about how a traditional chocolatier runs their business.
The Asinerie of Embazac is a farm which specializes in the breeding of donkeys, and the production of donkey milk. At the top of a hill overlooking the countryside, the donkey farm offers tours during which visitors can cuddle the donkeys, milk a donkey, taste the milk and watch the production of soap made from donkey milk. There are many other animals on-site.

In addition, you can also fill your days with the following

  • Visiting French markets to buy ingredients
  • Cooking a three-course meal
  • Visiting Albi and the Lautrec Museum
  • Visit the African safari zoo
  • Boat ride around Toulouse


Example Itineraries

Our educational travel experts have spent considerable time crafting a selection of ready-made itineraries for your Enrichment Study trip to France, which you will find below. However, we can also create a bespoke and unique itinerary to meet the educational needs of your group.

DAY 1: Visit the aerospace museum followed by boat tour of Toulouse
DAY 2: Visit local chocolatier followed by visit to Gallo-Roman village
DAY3: Shopping at local market to buy ingredients to be cooked that evening. Visit local donkey farm, followed by evening preparing 3 course meal.
DAY4: Day at African zoo followed by crepe making. DAY5: Day at TEPACAP

Getting there

The best way to get to this destination is flying directly from any major UK airport to Toulouse. Flybe, Ryanair, British Airways and Easyjet all fly directly to Toulouse. Coach transfers will be provided once there.

Where to Stay

Chateau Le Brouillh is set in fifteen acres of grounds in the middle of the beautiful Gers countryside.  Often compared to Tuscany with its rolling hills and valleys, in summer the fields are usually covered in sunflowers. It is within the commune of Monferran-Savès, a quiet village of some 700 inhabitants, and from which there are some wonderful views of the Pyrenees. It is thirty miles to the busy and beautiful city of Toulouse, known in French as La Ville Rose, from the colour of the brickwork from which many of its buildings are constructed.

When to visit France

As a reward for students after their Entrance exams for senior school, the beginning of the summer term is suggested.

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