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Why New York?

‘The Big Apple’ is a global hub of international business alongside London and Tokyo, one of the three World ‘Command Centres’. With a booming economy and huge dealings in commerce, New York covers all aspects of business including banking, finance, media, tourism, and transportation.
New York is home to the world’s largest stock market, Wall Street. As a result, we offer students the chance to develop a keen insight into working life within the corporate and financial arena. Consequently, it’s an experience that can open pupils’ eyes to new and exciting career opportunities.
Furthermore, students can benefit a guided tour around the inspirational financial district. Noteworthy locations include the U.S. Custom House, Trinity Church, the New York Stock Exchange, Federal Reserve Bank, to name a few.

The land of opportunity and inspiration!

Steeped in history and politics, the United Nations HQ offers tours of the building. Here students will learn the fundamental issues of democracy and human rights, as well as economic, political, and social issues across the USA and the broader world.
Furthermore, our Business Studies and Economics study trips to the USA do not just include banks and financial centres. We provide students with a wider view of how these KS3 and KS4 subjects can be applied in the marketplace, with businesses such as Macy’s, Madame Tussauds, and the Yankee Stadium on offer to visit during your trip.

What to do on a business and economics study trip to New York?

There is an enormous range of activities for students to explore the wonders of New York. Here we have just a few excursions we can include in a bespoke itinerary.

A trip to Macy’s includes a tour of the business department, explaining the demand in the economy and successes in the retail industry. It’s here that students will learn fascinating insights about successful marketing and the commercial importance of building strong business-customer relationships. Finally, students will get the opportunity spend a little downtime enjoying this world-famous store and do a spot of shopping New York style.

On this tour, students will learn about the 400 years of history that lead to modern Wall Street from the Dutch trading outpost to the humble beginnings of the NYSE to the current financial markets and see where high powered meetings take place and where billion dollar deals are negotiated.
At the Yankee Stadium, there’s so much to learn about forging effective business relations, with a first-hand look at how at partnerships with the likes of Bank of America and MasterCard are crucial. Once the educational talk and questions are over, relax and watch a game!

It is the United States’ only independent public museum dedicated to preserving, exhibiting and teaching about American finance and financial history. The Museum has exhibits on the financial markets, money, banking and entrepreneurship.

In addition, you can also fill your days with the following

            • UN Building Tour
            • Federal reserve bank
            • Broadway Show
            • Empire State Building
            • Madame Tussauds

Example Itineraries

Our educational travel experts have spent considerable time crafting a selection of ready-made itineraries for your business and economics trip to New York, which you will find below. However, we can also create a tailored itinerary to meet the educational needs of your group.

Day1 Visit Macy’s and museum of American Finance
Day2 Wall Street Tour and Federal Reserve bank
Day3 Yankee Stadium tour and UN Building Tour
Day4 Madame Tussauds and Empire State building

Getting there

A flight is required to get to NYC where you can fly directly into a New York airport with Norwegian airlines, Primera Air, Finnair, Air Canada, Thomas Cook or Virgin Atlantic from any major UK airport. Coach transfers will be included for all airport transfers and excursions, where needed.

Where to Stay

HI New York
Based in the heart of New York City and in close proximity to bus and metro stations, this accommodation most notably ticks all the boxes in what is required to make for an incredible stay in the city centre. In addition to offering spacious dorms to all varieties of groups, the HI NYC also offers a full board meal plan to make things as simple as possible when touring in New York. The friendly staff are always on hand to assist with any requests. We can assure you, your team will settle in comfortably.

When is the best time of year to visit New York?

New York is an all year-round destination, however can get extremely cold in winter time. The best time to visit in between April and June, or September to early November as that is when the weather is not too extreme.

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