Business Studies and Economics Study Trips are the perfect way to motivate and inspire tomorrow’s promising entrepreneurs. With a focus on today’s leading corporate and commercial hub-spots, and a chance to visit some of biggest, most proliferate companies around the globe, our destination portfolio has been expertly crafted to enhance the learning of the group while lighting an inspiration spark in your students.

Home to the world’s largest stock market, New York offers students a unique insight into working life within the financial arena. Meanwhile, San Francisco and the surrounding South West Coast gives an illuminating look at the future of the tech industry with a visit the Silicon Valley; the cradle of innovation and birthplace of some our most successful and influential entrepreneurs. Combine the two destinations to make the most of America’s business and finance capitals. This trip could also be combined with IT for a cross-curriculum tour to the USA.

Across the other side of the globe, the Islands of Japan gives students the opportunity to experience one of the fastest-growing economies in the world today. An eye-opening experience into the culture, workforce, and its symbiotic infrastructure, there is plenty to experience in Tokyo, Kyoto, and Osaka, to name just a few.

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