Sam Brooks The European Intern

Sam Brooks
The European Intern

“Your travel dreams are never more than one click away”

Sam’s Highlights

Specialist Area Basque Country

Favourtie Drink Mocha

Wanderlust Location South America

Sam returns to the team following his graduation from Bath University iFrench, Spain and International Business.  Sam spent a year at our French offices working on sporting projects alongside our director, Stuart Lock whilst also working at our partner hotel in San Sebastian.  Sam’s appointment as a Graduate Management Trainee culminates in sitting alongside our management team in South Africa next year, helping us #DelivertheUnexpected across the board

He adopts a modern approach to coffee drinking Mocha, but points out that a cold beer tops his list of refreshing beverages. He has spent some great time in Malaga and in Andalucía honing his language skills, however one day he would love to put these to the test in South America. Like his counterpart, he is a talented young man having competed at national level for Cross Country. If that isn’t enough, he can move his ears without touching them with his hands…we are not sure which is more impressive!