No tickets? No problem. Don’t let it stop your Japan Rugby World Cup adventure…

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No tickets? No problem. Don’t let it stop your Japan Rugby World Cup adventure…

You did everything right, you knew the release time, you logged in poised to take your place at the front of the queue, a smug glow inside as you think of those less savvy than yourself. Then you double take as you find yourself peering over the shoulder of the thousands in front of you. You’ve been left empty handed and there’s nothing you can do about it. That’s Japan cancelled then.

Well, we don’t agree.

We’re here to help you find a way to turn the tables on those who elbowed their way through cyberspace to the front of the line. They might get the games they want, but there’s so much more to a tournament than just the rugby.

Check out this amazing video demonstrating the nightlife and culture to be found in Shizuoka. There’s atmosphere-a-plenty to be soaked up and we want to turn you into the proverbial sponge capable of doing so.

We’ve put together an itinerary that will throw you head first into a world of sushi, sake and Shinkansens (bullet trains to you and I), that will ferry you to top class rugby in world class venues.

There’s a chance to take in South Africa V Italy in Shizuoka on the 4th October. South Africa V Canada on the 8th in Kobe, just a short Shinkansen (try saying that quickly) ride from Osaka, or Australia V Georgia on the 11th in Shizuoka. Suddenly it’s not all doom and gloom, maybe Japan doesn’t need to be cancelled after all!

We’ve done our research on the best fixtures still to offer tickets, the best routes, hotels, venues and more. So let us help you plan the trip of a lifetime to Japan, get you to some top class matches of international rugby and help put a smile back on your face by exploring this incredible country with the support of MSG Tours!



Please note: None of the trips or tours contain match tickets for the Rugby World Cup™. Our itineraries are designed to work around your match tickets. We are not affiliated to Rugby World Cup™ and have no association with the tournament