MSG Tours move to Marble Hall

Mark GardnerAnnouncement, Brand, Office

It’s official, we have made a smooth transition into our new first-class facilities based at Marble Hall in Derby following a £4million refurbishment into the building, which was originally used as the first Rolls Royce offices in the UK.

The previously iconic landmark known for its aviation services and World War Two survival will now be our home here at MSG Tours and we are already on our way to making a history of our own. It’s safe to say we have been flying high and hitting new climates throughout the last 12 months and have been rewarded with the keys to our new office facilities to start the year as we mean to go on!

So, why are we so excited for this move? Well, not only are we proud to be growing at the rate we are after the fantastic reputation we have built with our valued customers, we are also proud that we are following in the footsteps of Rolls Royce, as we believe (and we hope you do, too!) that there is a beautiful link between our company’s services and mantra: taking people around world and delivering the unexpected.

And it doesn’t just stop there with Rolls Royce, we also mirror their brand values in our everyday work ethic:

‘Better power- helping our customers do more, using less’– At MSG, we help our customers do more ‘sports’ on a global scale, with less stress as we take care of it all!

‘Better future- committed to innovation, powering better, cleaner growth’– At MSG we are forever innovative, powering the discovery of new global destinations to grow the variety of tours we offer.

‘Better business- inventing technology, people & ideas to improve all aspects of our performance’– At MSG we are forever broadening our horizons through people and ideas, to ensure that our performance is nothing shy of perfection so we are able to deliver the unexpected.

This move now gives us access to additional office space, allowing us to expand our team of experts to increase our operational efficiency, bringing fresh perspectives to look at the services we deliver.

Mark Gardner, Director of MSG tours said this about the move: “We selected Marble Hall due to its aesthetics, positioning, modern facilities and its link to the first ever Rolls Royce building here in Derbyshire. We are proud of the direction the company is taking and want to ensure that our brand values are mirrored in as many elements as possible, including our offices.”

We don’t just stop at taking people around the world and delivering the unexpected; we create life-long memories that will shape imaginations for a lifetime. Join us on our journey as we continue to #delivertheunexpected throughout 2017.