MSG Tours Safety Protocols

Updated 2nd January 2024: Ben Mundie
The experiences gained from travelling and touring the world are irreplaceable and you, as well as us, are itching to get back to seeing the world.

Travel and tourism is slowly and carefully easing back post-COVID. While we look at the safest way to operate tours again, we want to reaffirm that the health and safety of all our tourists is the top priority.

Our brand is built on a passion for #DeliveringTheUnexpected which will not change. Now, our focus turns to building trust and confidence in our tourists.

You can book with MSG Tours with complete trust and confidence knowing the safety of your tour is paramount.

As members of the School Travel Forum, MSG Tours Ltd commits to delivering exceptional travel experiences for school children to the highest safety standards.

Further information about our standards can be found here

The COVID-19 pandemic has identified the need for specific procedures in adherence to local and national guidelines.

Every touring group must complete their own risk assessments, covering all aspects of the tour, from collection point to arrival point in line with their educational needs. A template for this can be found on the above Teacher’s Toolkit link or at the government’s website.

Below, we have outlined our commitments and requirements in addition to any protocols groups have in place. A copy of this risk assessment must be made available to MSG Tours, to ensure we can facilitate the protocols which are identified:

School Study Trips


A majority of tours need coaching or transport in some way. Our Health and Safety models for this remain the same, which includes a comprehensive audit every 3 years of all transport providers. In addition to this we have also added the following measures:

  1. We will provide transportation in line with continuing advice. Capacity limits may be in place, we will notify you in any of these cases.
  2. For most suppliers, facemasks must be worn whilst on board any vehicle, and sanitiser to be used when boarding the vehicle (provided by the school).
  3. All coaching providers will be required to complete our internal audit form (if completed already, it is valid for 3 years). Any concerns and protocols will be presented to the group leader for review as part of their risk assessment.
  4. Where the school is doing so as part of their own safety protocols, testing must continue where humanly possible whilst they are on the trip.


Regardless of whether you are staying in a 5* Hotel or a Youth Hostel, every hotel must meet our exacting standards. We endeavour to visit hotels ourselves and get a deep dive into their safety operations, and where this is not possible, extensive checks are conducted remotely. Since the pandemic, we identify the need to take further action, and so we have added the following advice to our groups

  1. We will provide accommodation in line with continuing advice.
  2. Schools can refer to the Department for Education for current guidance on educational travel.
  3. Food and beverage services will be provided in line with local restrictions.
  4. All Accommodation providers will be required to complete our internal audit form (if completed already, it is valid for 3 years). Any concerns and protocols will be presented to the group leader for review as part of their risk assessment.

Activities and Excursions

All excursions and activities we use as part of our school groups are graded from the lowest ‘Look and See’ to the highest ‘Adventurous Activities’. These grades dictate the level of auditing and checks that an excursion receives. The highest Adventurous Activities are subject to a full external audit from a technical advisor, whilst museums and galleries provide a Health and Safety summary. MSG Tours appreciates that whilst there are restrictions, these activities pose a potential higher risk. Therefore, we will be applying the following additional measures:


  1. Excursions will be provided in line with local restrictions. Any policies or restrictions will be advised to the group to leader, to be considered within the risk assessment.
  2. Activity providers will provide a risk assessment to identify which safety protocols are to be put in place and summarise these in an easy-to-read summary.
  3. We will endeavour to provide activities and excursions with minimal contact with any persons not part of the group. Where this is not possible, we ask the group to apply due care and common sense in line with Risk Assessments.
  4. These protocols must be adhered to by all taking part, and any refusal from the provider to deliver the service based upon the rules not being followed, is at the responsibility of the group leader.


Getting schools and youth clubs back playing sports is a huge passion of ours. We are experts in placing competitive teams against each other and delivering a safe and enjoyable experience, from training to tournaments. Every facility we use undergoes an assessment of suitability as standard. In addition to this, following government guidelines and our own diligence, we also make the following suggestions when arranging a sports tour.

  1. Please refer to local advice for grassroots sport here
  2. Sporting matches and training will be provided in line with local and national restrictions.
  3. We will continue to carry out risk assessments on the facilities where the sport will take place and return our findings to the group leader for consideration within the group’s own assessment.
  4. Outdoor sports, where formally organised by us, can be performed without gathering limits. Indoor Sports are exempt where the facility follows national guidelines for indoor sport, and are subject to changing guidelines.
  5. All action will be taken to avoid the contact of other bubbles, except where this is exempt during match play.
  6. Match officials will be exempt from gathering limits but are encouraged to social distance where possible.
  7. Changing facilities at sports venues should be only used for changing kit and used for a limited time. Where possible the staging of groups entering changing rooms is encouraged.
COVID-19 MSG Tours adopt Safe Travels Stamp

We will assess every group on an individual basis, and support the operation of your tour and make suggestions to improve safety at all times. The above is a guideline, and will be changeable based upon local restrictions, travel advice and Department for Education guidelines.


We look forward to welcoming you back on tour!