MSG Embrace technology with Vamoos app

Mark GardnerAnnouncement, app, technology

We are extremely excited to announce we have joined forces with our friends at Vamoos to go one step further when it comes to customer experience. I guess you could say we are well and truly embracing technology as we are the first UK tour operator in our sector to team up with Vamoos, a travel app which will allow our customers access to all their important travel documents and itinerary on a mobile or tablet device even without a data signal. Now that’s genius!

Our aim is to make your personalised tour package easily accessible at all times and thanks to Vamoos we are able to do exactly that. Whether you’re travelling with a sports club, school or simply friends this easy to use app will be available for everyone with access to the unique log in code, including those staying behind.

Tony Bean, Founder of Vamoos said: “One of the greatest challenges we’re seeing in the market place is how can Tour Operators enhance their clients’ travel experience further.  We’re really pleased with how fast MSG Tours has grown and how they’re using new technology like Vamoos, the App for Tour Operators, to achieve this. We believe that by delivering beautifully designed apps is the next step in evolving the travel market and are pleased that MSG Tours are a part of this journey.”

Key features of the app include:

  • Ability to access all travel documents and full itinerary
  • Destination information, including links to accommodation and other key locations
  • Live ticker which will count down to the beginning of a trip
  • A mini social network; everyone on the same trip can share photos and notes with fellow passengers
  • Ability for organisers to send live push notifications

The push notification function allows everyone with access to keep up-to-date in real-time with alerts such as when a group have reached their destination safely or results from fixtures. A perfect resource for when parents are perhaps ‘out of sight, out of mind.’

Our current clients have already been benefiting from the app. Andy Blaylock, PE teacher at Thomas Keble school said: “The school are very happy with their exclusive Vamoos and our students heading to Paris on their rugby and netball tour are taking full advantage of the app. Overall, the feedback we have received from students and parents has been very positive.”

Everything you need for your tour can now be in the palm of your hands. How about that for #deliveringtheunexpected