Matt Davies The Energy

Matt Davies
The Energy

“Positivity generates positivity and your energy is contagious. I strive to have positive energy in everything I do at MSG “

Matt’s Highlights

Specialist Area Marketing

Wanderlust Location Faroe Islands

Favourite Drink Clwb Tropica

Matt brings “The Energy” to the Welsh Office, just as he did as a supporter on our tour of Japan. His spontaneity got the better of him when he bought last minute flights and tickets to watch his beloved Wales at the Rugby World Cup in 2019.

A desperate tweet saw Matt’s path cross with ours. Left struggling for accommodation, he soon found himself as a part of our Supporters’ Tour.

While studying Journalism at the University of South Wales, Matt worked as part of the media team at the Ospreys and helped out with events at Nation Radio.

An experienced independent traveler himself, Matt spent some time playing rugby in Australia before snapping his right pinky in half while working on a farm! A bit closer to home, the Faroe Islands are a place that intrigues Matt and is somewhere he definitely wants to explore.

On the weekend, you’ll probably find Matt trying different craft ales – his favourite is Clwb Tropica by Tiny Rebel.