Lucy Hey The Accountant

Lucy Hey
The Accountant
07506 696822

“A number cruncher with a passion for travel.”

Lucy’s Highlights

Specialist Area Accounting

Favourite Drink Pedigree

Wanderlust Location Sri Lanka

Lucy keeps us all ‘in check’ as the Finance Manager or the ‘Accountant’ as she is affectionately known. She is the brains and numbers whizz that keeps the business ticking and ensures that everything is in order from a financial point of view. When it comes to qualifications, the fact that these actually look like a simultaneous equation tells you everything you need to know – AAT Level 3 and AAT Level 4 = MAAT (Member of the Association of Accounting Technicians).

Whilst she likes a cup of tea her actual drink of choice is enough to make anyone fall of their seat, including her – a pint of Pedigree! Her favourite destination is Crete, Greece and specifically the Anastasia Hotel where she went every year (for two weeks) for four years and has strong emotional ties. Lucy can boast to have won a pair of First-Class tickets with Turkish Airways at the Birmingham Airport annual extravaganza having absorbed every piece of information she was given by the world’s leading airlines and so is jetting off to Sri Lanka this summer.