Liam Dyche The Perfectionist

Liam Dyche
The Perfectionist
07398 254573

“I strive for detail and high quality in all walks of life and settle for nothing shy of excellence. Your tour is in safe hands with me.”

Liam’s Highlights

Specialist Area Football

Suzy Drane The Shooter

Wanderlust Location Deep South

Liam or the ‘The Perfectionist’ is our Football and Skiing expert who ensures through his meticulous approach that every I is dotted and ever T crossed ahead of any MSG Tour. He spends much of his time putting together perfect tour packages and presentations to ensure that your every need is catered for at the enquiry stage, and that everything is “sound”.

His area of speciality when it comes to travel is Vancouver and having worked previously at St. George’s Park for the FA he has exceptional football knowledge. A strong black Americano keeps him striving for perfection throughout the day and means that attention to detail is his middle name. He has ticked off three of his main travel boxes having been to Dubai, Hawaii and the Maldives also but his wanderlust will not be completed until he has been to the Deep South, covering Nashville, Memphis and New Orleans.