Japan: the ultimate rugby tour destination

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Pagoda temple in Kyoto on Japan study tour

Rugby tours to Japan: take your school on a rugby tour to the land of the rising sun for an incredible cultural and playing experience

Producers of the shock of the recent Rugby World Cup tournament with victory over South Africa, the Brave Blossoms won hearts all over the world with three victories during the competition. The most important awakening took place in Japan itself whilst the team marched on in England, drawing huge and previously unseen television audiences glued to their progress despite the +9h time difference.

The hosts of the 2019 Rugby World Cup are now firmly established as a respected rugby nation, evidenced by the rapidly growing culture around the country in high schools and at senior club level. That their full back, Ayumu Goromaru has moved to Melbourne Rebels as the world’s highest earner is testament to how the media view these superstars in similar light to baseball, soccer and sumo.

With a season that mirrors the Southern Hemisphere it’s possible to consider a rugby tour to Japan for your Easter, Whitsun or Summer tours. Japanese high schools specialising in rugby take an annual camp during the first week of August that times well with year-end tours departing from the UK. With deep and established relations with our Japanese school networks we are delighted to present a number of packages that offer a cultural and sporting experience matched by no other nation on the land.

MSG Tours Owner, Mark Gardner, meeting Japanese high school coaches in Osaka
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Our tours incorporate all of the major touristic spots as well as unique towns that meet our mantra of experiencing the real insight into a foreign land. Osaka, Fukuoka, Hiroshima, Kobe, Kyoto, Toyama, Nagano, Yokohama, Hakuba and Tokyo form our operating bases where home stays are available as part of your rugby tour to Japan.

Seeing is believing and we invite you to travel with us to experience a very unique rugby tour experience in this far eastern region. Enquire with us here.