STEM Study trips to Space Camp, Alabama

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Computer programming

Design and technology

Why Space Camp?

Space Camp, located in Huntsville, Alabama, is the second largest Research Park in America. Here the world’s first ever rockets were created, including the Saturn V which sent the Apollo astronauts to the moon, beating Russian scientists in the now infamous ‘Space Race’. Since 1982, the Space Camp doors have been open to students where trainees develop teamwork, leadership, and decision-making skills as well as expanding their knowledge in STEM subjects such as physics and engineering.

Change “What if?” to “Can do!”

On a STEM Study Trip to Space Camp, astronaut trainees will have a once in a lifetime experience. Offering a range of programs such as ‘Aviation Challenge’ and ‘U.S. Cyber Camp’, Space Camp inspires and nurtures trainees’ goals, leading many of its alumni to pursue careers in STEM fields. Experience flight simulators, design rockets, complete space missions and many more team building activities. It’s state of the art facilities offer all that the trainees will need during their week at Space Camp including meals, clean and spacious dormitories, on site medical staff and continuous supervision. This fully immersive experience gives students the opportunity to explore amazing artefacts from previous missions including the Apollo 12 moon rock!

What to do on a STEM study trip to Space Camp, Alabama?

Space Camp offers a range of programs for all ages. These include:

    • Aviation Challenge®: outdoor experience in which students undergo training in flight simulators and gain survival skills.


  • Space Academy®: putting engineers’ skills to the test as trainees launch missions to the International Space Station, the moon or Mars.



  • U.S. Cyber Camp®: the newest programme allowing trainees to delve into cyber technology in a fully hands on experience.



  • Space Camp Robotics®: trainees work as a team to design, build and ultimately test their own engineering designs.



Getting there

Many UK airlines offer connecting flights to Huntsville, where Space Camp’s bus will meet and transport the group to the facility. Alternatively, fly into Atlanta direct with British Airways or American Airlines with onward transportation to Huntsville.  We can arrange extensions in Atlanta to explore the CNN Center, World of Coca Cola and the historic park in memory of Martin Luther King, Jr for cross-curricular learning.

Where to Stay

All accommodation and meals are provided at Space Camp.

When to Visit Space Camp, Alabama?

Space Camp run their programs all year long, so get in touch now to find out availability for 2019.

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