Grace Mumford The Planner

Grace Mumford
The Planner
07506 696822

“I craft once-in-a-lifetime adventures and study trips, delivering brand new experiences to our school travel network.”

Grace’s Highlights

Specialist Area Study

Suzy Drane The Shooter

Wanderlust Location Bali

Grace Mumford Inspired By Iceland Certificate

Grace is one of the most experienced members of the MSG team, hence her role as ‘The Planner’. She is the fountain of knowledge when it comes to aviation having spent the last 8 years working in touring operation and is hot on flight rates and airline behaviour. With 12 years of knowledge in all things travel mean Grace is perfectly placed to develop new and exciting experiences across all our brands.

Dealing with adversity in travel is no issue to Grace having managed the operation of getting over 5000 people home safely from various Ski resorts around Europe during the Icelandic volcanic eruption of 2010. She shares the team’s passion for coffee, always black and on occasions coupled with Martini. Oliva in Spain is her favourite holiday destination with miles of unspoilt talcum powder beaches, paella on tap and a much-needed beach bar. Too many espresso Martinis has seen Grace win limbo competitions on a desert island in Tobago in the past – challenge accepted?