It’s surely only a matter of time before a culture that places so much impetus on team sports uses its infrastructure to become world leading in the global game of football. Certainly, for women, there is no other nation that can match the USA’s yield, sitting atop the world rankings and holders of the World Cup. The remarkable growth of the game at youth level shows little sign of slowing according to participation statistics, overtaking the traditional American sports thanks to its popularity amongst both boys and girls meaning football tours to the USA are an excellent choice for all British teams.

Our football tours to the USA guarantees one thing, and that’s enthusiasm; from your opposition and appreciation for visiting their club or school. Expect to be well received both on and off the pitch as part of an itinerary that fuses sightseeing of iconic cities to incredible destinations. The States offers up a huge number of touring options thanks to airlines’ coverage of major airport hubs.

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