Football mad Liam joins team MSG!

Mark GardnerAnnouncement, Office

Liam joins team MSG from Perform, where he was previously responsible for all operational requirements for residential and visiting squads, such as Burton Albion FC, FC Barcelona and Club England teams. Bringing a desire to deliver high quality services to all groups, Liam’s main role is speaking with customers to understand their tour desires before turning their dreams into reality by creating the perfect tour.

What Liam says:

“The best projects I have previously worked on were assisting FC Barcelona on their pre-season tour to St.George’s Park and helping the England squad prepare for the 2014 World Cup and 2016 Euro’s. Working closely with such high-profile coaches and players, such as Messi, Xavi and Iniesta, in their tournament preparations was an invaluable experience I will never forget.

“I am a huge football fan and a proud supporter of my local team, Stoke City FC. In my free time I play in a Sunday league and have been on many football trips to a variety of European destinations, to include Barcelona, Dortmund and France for the Euro’s in 2016.

“The best destinations I have visited would have to be Dubai, Las Vegas and Hawaii, all completely different locations with their own attractions. Dubai is everything you want in one location, a resort for all. Vegas is a playground for adults and somewhere I most definitely want to visit again. Hawaii is absolute paradise, everything you would imagine it to be and more.

“My dream would be to travel to South America, Rio de Janeiro, The Andes and Machu Picchu in particular.”

Should you wish to get in touch with Liam about a tour or to talk football, you can reach him at For more information about us click the About page.