Cricket tours to Australia

Cricket tours to Australia need little introduction with the familiarity of the Ashes series dominating headlines every two years. Until recently the Aussies’ true grit and skill levels have taken the series yet times are a­ changing. Rest assured, your tour will feature testing games in picturesque surroundings with a clear need to use the higher factor sunscreens. returning home with a tan is a guarantee when visiting Australia on a cricket tour.

The next challenge is narrowing down the itinerary stops out of so many desirable locations. Never has there been more flight options into Australia or such rich stopover options to break up this 24h journey Down Under. The next challenge is narrowing down the itinerary stops out of so many desirable locations. The warmth and beaches of Cairns lure many in whilst the traditionalists favour the Melbourne-Sydney­-Brisbane route that ‘follows the sun’. Whatever route you choose you can be safe in the knowledge that our cricket tours to Australia will be packed full of exciting adventures.

Wherever you end up there’s a sure-fire guarantee that games will be competitive, the banter incessant and the celebrations lengthy and memorable.

Where to stay in Australia?

  • Brisbane
  • Cairns
  • Canberra
  • Melbourne
  • Perth
  • Sydney

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What to do in Australia?

There is plenty to do before and after cricket matches to make your trip to Australia a memorable occasion for you and your students.

  • Australia Zoo
  • Blue Mountains tour
  • Great Barrier Reef
  • Harbour Bridge Climb (Sydney)
  • MCG stadium tour


When to visit Australia?

A season commencing in November and running through to March makes this perfectly suited to Northern Hemisphere teams’ pre ­season. Head over before Christmas, during February half ­term or first week of Easter subject to when the period falls each year.

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