Creating the perfect office environment with #MagicalMoments

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We’ve recently moved offices and it fell on my remit (Chelsey, A.K.A ‘The Explorer’) to organise the perimeter of our white-washed walls. Given we are in the travel industry, some may say I got off lightly as the creative possibilities are endless, but I would argue what I have produced is pretty original.

The feature wall, standing proud behind our desks, has already turned heads of the multiple clients who have paid us a visit and become a talking point among our social channels and even at networking events (apologies to those who were at the Marketing Derby event yesterday that I may have collared with my pretty awesome feature!).

Cards on the table, the original idea came from good old Pinterest and once the seed was planted, it didn’t take long for me to sew the idea into what has now become our ‘Polaroid #MagicalMoments’ wall feature.

I started off by setting each of the staff (including our Director) the task of choosing ten of their top travel magical moments and given how well traveled we all are, this wasn’t easy. Over time the idea is to add and swap our #MagicalMoments year on year as we discover more unique destinations. We ask all of our tours to keep tabs of their #MagicalMoments and it’s only fair we practice what we preach.

My top 10 #MagicalMoments in a nutshell

You’d be reading this blog for a while if I was to explain each of my #MagicalMoments in detail, so here’s a quick overview:

#1- Hollywood – it really was like being in the movies.

#2- Krakow – everyone needs to go at some point in their lives, while it’s cheap!

#3- San Francisco– there is something for everyone.

#4- The Empire State Building – the day I had a meeting on the 74th floor!

#5- Brooklyn Bridge, NY – it really is where dreams are made of

#6- The most southerly part of Europe in, Greece– the first holiday my boyfriend & I shared together.

#7- Tokyo– no questions, I must go back at least once. Check out our 30 hours in Tokyo blog here.

#8- Paris– this picture was taken from the front of the coach on my first ever tour with the Thomas Keble school.

#9- Las Vegas– the moment our electric curtains revealed the strip in all its glory can never be erased from my mind.

#10- Palm Springs– the place that makes every picture look like a backdrop from a movie scene!


How to create your own Polaroid feature wall

Not only is the Polaroid feature wall straight forward, it’s also cost-effective, so you’ll have no problems when it comes to asking your boss to part with their had earned cash. Here’s what you will need:

Vintage prints

There are so many websites and app that’s can quickly turn your standard photos into polaroid works of art, but if it’s quality and reliability you’re after then trust us when we say order them with LALALAB. Everything from their website design, packaging, and delivery process to the quality of prints is just exceptional. Standard vintage prints cost just 33p per unit

Craft Pegs

These cute little wooden pegs can be bought from most stationary and craft shops, but we opted for Ebay to keep our costs to a minimum. We bought a pack of 50 pegs (25mm) for £1.99 from seller Alsero Ltd with free postage.

Natural shabby style string

Firsty, you need to work out how many prints you are going to hang. We went for the 10m option for 50 prints on a small wall and had some left over, so I would use this to work out how much you will need. Again, we used Ebay and 10m cost us £1.89 with free postage. If vintage shabby isn’t the look you’re going for, you may want to opt for copper wire instead.

Vinyl wall art (optional)

We’ve gone for a travel inspired vinyl sticker to use as the focal point of our feature. Varying types and sizes a can be found on Ebay and average between £12-£15 depending on the size you go for.

White Tack

You probably have this already lying around the office somewhere but it’s great for holding up your string without leaving any permanent marks on your office walls.


  1. Add the vinyl to your feature wall (make sure you read the instructions carefully as they aren’t the easiest of things to put up!)
  2. Cut your string to your desired length
  3. Use a table to position each print, along with a craft peg, along the string
  4. Fasten the element to the wall with white tak
  5. Repeat until all your prints are on the wall


It’s simple yet effective, so why not give it a go and personalise it to your industry or team? Good luck and make sure you get a snap of your work of art to show us!

Coming up next: Our office ‘Coffee Wall of Fame’.