Food Technology Study Trip to Cyprus

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Food technology trip to Cyprus- Food markets

Food Technology Study Trip to Cyprus

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Study Trip Overview

Take a food technology trip to Cyprus for a multitude of culinary and cultural experiences, rarely replicated anywhere else in the world.  Our Study trip to this part of the world offers a truly unique and different way to enhance your knowledge and skills in this area.

For this particular subject, with its a mix of influences, this location provides the perfect chance to explore the impact environment and geographical factors have on our food. Cyprus has a rich and diverse array of flavours and variance to these.  For example, olives grown near the coast are saltier are just one of the many intricacies that this island offers. Looking further into areas such as this helps develop an understanding of how a foods environment has an impact on its taste.

Its location also produces unique food such as figs, beans, chickpeas and olives etc and have been grown here for as long as records began. Local motto is ‘if it isn’t fresh, we don’t want it.’

Here you can learn how to make local produce such as halloumi or hummus, visit the wine regions of Limassol, or explore the only divided city left in the world.

It is also famed for its archaeological sites linked to the cult of Aphrodite, including palace ruins, tombs and mosaic tiled villas and artefacts all of which will add to the cultural enrichment any student will experience on this trip.

Study Trip Highlights

Here is a selection of activities can be done on a trip to Cyprus:

Our top picks ✅

  • Visit Kolossi Castle
  • Cookery lesson in traditional Cypriot town✅
  • Open air flea market✅
  • Visit a goat farm
  • Learn how to make Halloumi✅
  • Visit a donkey farm
  • Visit Aphrodite’s rock


Study Outcomes 

International culinary traditions✅

Economic impacts of food✅

Appreciation of people and places✅

Building self-confidence✅

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Booking a Food Technology Trip to Cyprus

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