Bath City FC to the Midlands

Lucy Porter

Bath City Youth FC at St Georges Park
Football tour to the Midlands Bath City FC's u16s visited us in the Midlands this Easter for a football tour to remember. With their original plans to Holland having to ... Read More

Forest School: Football tour to the Basque Country

Mark Gardner

Football Sports Tour to the Basque Country ⚽⚽An exciting night of @LaLiga action for @ForestSchSport who are enjoying @SDEibar v @RealSociedadEN on their Basque football tour ⚽⚽🇪🇸 — MSG ... Read More

Grey College: Football Tour to Montenegro

Mark Gardner

Football Sports Tour to Montenegro Sports Tour Overview Durham University’s Grey College decided on Montenegro as a destination for their football tour. After a short, direct flight from Manchester to ... Read More

Whitmore School compete at Sweden’s Gothia Cup

Mark Gardner

Gothia Cup in Sweden
Football Tour to Sweden Sports Tour Overview Cardiff’s Whitmore School attended in 2015 and returned to tackle the 2017 Gothia Cup football tournament in Sweden. Their coach, Mr Hutton had this ... Read More