Caryn Edwards | The Aviator

Caryn Edwards
The Aviator

“It is only when you’re flying above it you realise how incredible the Earth really is”

Caryn’s Highlights

Specialist Area | Aviation

Wanderlust Location | Hawaii

Favourite Drink | Rhubard and Ginger Gin

Caryn joins us as ‘The Aviator,’ taking her place as the pilot of our cockpit for all things flights. Anything you want to know about aeroplanes, airports, flights and routes. You name it, she knows it!

Having spent 4 a half years at Flight Centre, Caryn joins us to ensure our customers get only the best when flying to and from their destinations. Whether it’s an upgrade or a deviation, you can be sure Caryn will have the answer. Flights are used in every aspect of the business so Caryn will spread her experience across everything, from Study to Supporters.

On the weekend, Caryn likes a gin. But, not just any gin, it’s got to be rhubarb and ginger gin. And the one place she’d love to be sipping it right now is on a beach in Hawaii.