Carmel Bones

Carmel Bones
The Historian

“Teachers are talented, busy people with the job of making a vital positive difference to young people’s lives. Getting children outside the classroom is a vital part of this.”

Carmel’s Highlights

Specialist Area History

Wanderlust Location Alabama

Favourite Drink Liquid Snickers

Carmel joins the MSG team as our History Ambassador. She has had an amazing teaching career spanning 20 years, and now uses her knowledge to train and support other teachers up and down the country. She knows the importance of learning outside the classroom and accompanied us on our FAM trip to Alabama to test drive our exceptional history school trip. A fantastic time was had by all and whilst in the Deep South she grew rather fond of the ‘Liquid Snickers’ cocktail.

It is easy to see how Carmel coined the nickname of ‘The Historian’ she is fanatical about History, aside from her 9 to 5 she is a member of the Historical Association, an editor for Hodder Education’s new GCSE Dynamic Learning series and just recently, she wrote new BBC Bitesize GCSE material and contributes to Oxford University Press newsletters. To top it all off Carmel is an A-level and GCSE examiner! We are excited to continue working with Carmel to bring new and excited history study trips to life.