Rosie Joins the MSG Tours Team

Rosie Heagney Marketing

Rosie joins the MSG Tours team from a creative background in design, marketing and product development. She has previously worked for small businesses helping them to build their brand and get attention worldwide.

What Rosie says:

“I am naturally a creative person and enjoy creating innovative ways to promote companies. I enjoy researching, and with MSG Tours launching new study trips, lots of research was involved to make sure we were maximising the learning outcomes of each trip.  My favourite moment so far, was receiving the hard copies of the Geography textbooks I designed. These textbooks were for one of our schools who have just had a fantastic MSG Study tour to Morrocco.

During my first month, I have already worked on a variety of tours. Ranging from study trips to Morocco, Iceland and Amsterdam, to preparing for the 2019 Six Nations Wales supporters tour to Bologna,Rome and Verona. MSG Tours have lots of exciting trips in the pipeline. So I am currently learning all the ins and outs of each tour. I have found the more I read the itineraries, the more I want to visit these destinations!

Next week my interior design skills will be tested, as I have been given the task of redecorating part of the office. I have some interesting ideas for this project that aren’t your typical office decor. So make sure you are following MSG Tours across our social media channels, as I will be uploading photos of the transformation during April.”


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