Basque Country pre-season rugby camps — Prepare your team for 2018

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Basque Country pre-season rugby camps

Prepare your team for the rigours of the season with a productive stay at one of our Basque Country pre-season rugby camps.

Leave no stone unturned during a week of high-level training, coaching and conditioning with some of rugby’s biggest local names assisting with your weekly preparation. It’s a fantastic opportunity to hone those skills and get ahead of the opposition

Our hands-on liaison service allows staff to focus on what matters: getting the prep’ right before the season commences. Our courteous drivers, DBS-approved staff, wonderful hoteliers and ex-pro rugby staff ensure your weekly programme is both innovative, dynamic and structured to offer the very best in team preparation and marginal gains.

Our camp locations for 2018 pre-season training in the Basque Country are Bayonne, Anglet, Biarritz.

Working with a real pro

Headed up by ex-Wales rugby player Ben Broster, he had this to say about working with MSG at our Basque Country pre-season rugby camps:

“I‘m very excited to team up with Stuart and MSG. With a rich rugby history supported by a population that live and breathe the sport, and having lived and played here professionally for the past 5 years, I’m eager to share with teams the very best of my personal experiences.”

Needless to say, we’re also thrilled to have Ben on board, and in his involvement with our Basque Country pre-season rugby camps will be a real boon to teams in preparation for 2018.

An itinerary packed with activities

We’ve already mentioned a brief overview of what’s in store during a stay at one of our Basque Country pre-season rugby camps. But in the interest of keeping things tactical, we thought we’d give you a day-by-day breakdown covering just a sample of a week-long stay:

Day one: Fly to Biarritz, Bordeaux or Bilbao. Meet MSG TourManager and check in to your
hotel. Light skills session, Team Briefing and Dinner.

Day two: Two-hour S&C at Best Training Center, breakfast, pool recovery and lunch. Team training session, Forwards’ session with Ben Broster, dinner and team briefing.

Day three: Visit local Basque farm for a cultural lunch and tour. Tour of Biarritz / Bayonne Stadium and team run, Match 1 and reception.

Day four: Trip to water park and lunch. Video analysis followed with dinner.

Day five: Beach excursion with lunch. Lecture: “Life as a Pro: Before and After Rugby” with Ben Broster, Match 2 and reception.

Day six: Day trip to San Sebastian, sightseeing, surfing, and Pintxos for End of Tour Dinner ( trust us, they’re a real treat).

Day seven: Free morning, then an afternoon flight back home!

Tonbridge School

Since establishing our new base of operations in The Basque Country, locations in this region have proven popular, with an impressive number of successful rugby tours during summer 2017 including Tonbridge School’s school rugby tour to Biarritz.

“The Basque Country has proved ideal as a pre-season destination, meeting all our requirements and exceeding expectations. As well as being a fantastic part of the world with glorious beaches, it is a region that lives and breathes rugby. Having Stuart and MSG Tours on the ground has allowed us to take a flexible approach to our itinerary, adapting to the variety of uncontrollable factors that seem to crop up on overseas tours. An all-round amazing experience.”

— Chris Morgan, Director of Sport at Tonbridge School

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