3 new additions to team MSG

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3 new additions to MSG

3 new additions to Team MSG

MSG Tours are proud to announce that we have added three new members to the team during the global pandemic.

With doubts and concerns over job safety within the travel and tourism sector, we’re thrilled to share our #TravelPositive news that we have recruited three new colleagues – with two starting in growth positions.

Like every other travel company, we have had to deal with cancellations of many of our tours due to the travel restrictions being put in place by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) during the pandemic.

But, with seats on the plane to South Africa for our big Supporters’ project next year filling up faster than expected, we have been able to expand the team to help ensure our tours are delivered to the highest standards.

The new MSG three

Emily Sanders

Emily Sanders joined our team in Wales early in lockdown and immediately put her 15+ years’ experience of sports travel into action on our South Africa 2021 project.

Joining us from Strachan Travel and having previously worked for Gullivers and Travel Places, Emily has taken to the role like a duck to water, even though we haven’t physically met her in the flesh yet!  Who’d have thought six months ago that recruitment would now be done by the previously unknown medium of Zoom!?

Returning to MSG, following the completion of his degree is Sam Brooks. Sam spent a year as our intern in the Basque Country and now re-joins us in our recently vacated Graduate Management Trainee position.

Having utilised his bilingualism in Spain and France, Sam will pick up different skills across all three of our offices over the next year. He might even pick up a bit of Cymraeg in our Welsh office.

Sam Brooks
Caryn Edwards

Expanding our new office in South Wales further, Caryn Edwards begins in our newly created role of ‘Aviation Specialist’ and will manage all things air travel and transportation across the business. The growth of the Company makes this both an exciting and client-led decision.

With 5 years of experience working for Flight Centre, Caryn will use her knowledge to source the air travel best suited our customers’ needs. Any upgrades, connections or deviations you need, Caryn can handle it.

Mark Gardner, Managing Director of MSG Tours said: “In what has been a difficult period for the travel industry as a whole, we are excited to share some positive news. With question marks over job roles in this sector, it is great that we are able to recruit three new employees and create two new roles that will only enhance our service delivery.

“It has been strange integrating Emily, Sam and Caryn into the team during a global pandemic, but the use of Microsoft Teams and Zoom has made the transition much easier than expected. We can’t wait to finally meet everyone in their physical form rather than through a laptop screen when it is finally safe to do so.”

Emily spoke of her first few months in her role which was spent meeting the team digitally: “It’s a little daunting joining a new team, even more so when you have everyone’s faces are looking at you on a Zoom call as you’re introduced. But it has been much easier than anticipated and I’ve still got to know everyone really well over our Teams calls and individual chats.

“Everyone has been so good with taking a million questions from me and now I feel like I’ve really found my feet, even before actually stepping into the office. It shows we don’t all need to be in one office to feel like a team, which is great knowing we are split between 3 offices in 3 different countries”