Yorkshire Terriers Rugby Tour so far…

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Three games done, two more to go for Yorkshire Terriers Rugby. Wellington, New Zealand here they come!

We are now midway through the Yorkshire Terriers’ Australia and New Zealand Rugby Tour and what a journey it has been. Katie Peggs, our Tour Manager is leading the group, raising spirits and keeping the cogs of the journey turning, while the team and experienced coaching staff focus on training and matches. Living up to her nickname, Katie really is “The Commentator”, spilling the beans on all the excitement of the trip so far…

The Yorkshire Terriers Rugby team have visited Sydney and Auckland; training, sightseeing, exploring and playing against fierce competition. With an outstanding 2 out of 3 wins against Southern Districts and Te Hiki o Te Lika, the team’s morale is sky high as the lads set off to their final tournament destination; Wellington. Some would consider the recent match loss a wake-up call; the Terriers’ almost near perfect winning streak has been disrupted bringing in a new element of competitiveness. Since the loss, they have reportedly stepped up their game in training and we are pleased to have organised such a challenging set of matches. At MSG we “deliver the unexpected” and for a lot of our sports trips that is often pushing the boundaries, enhancing technique, building individual and team-skills, adopting new habits, experiencing new things and many, many more.

Alongside a whole LOT of rugby, the group has had plenty of time to visit all of what Sydney and Auckland has to offer – Blue Mountains, Hobbiton Movie Set are just a few to mention. R&R activities of relaxing by the beach post training and fixture matches is exactly what has been needed for the hardworking team; the trip has been a perfect balance of work and play.

The Yorkshire Terriers Rugby team and Katie are set to finish the tour officially on 5th August 2017, departing from New Zealand and landing home on the 6th. We cannot wait to hear more about the spectacular tour.

Best of luck on the next two matches lads against Petone Rugby and Wellington U19s, and have a wonderful second half to the trip!

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